A reference to a CreativeWork that is cited in another CreativeWork.

Name @id Type Description Inherited from
target (required) stencila:target string The target of the citation (URL or reference ID). Cite
type (required) schema:type enum{Cite} The name of the type. Entity
citationMode stencila:citationMode enum{normal, suppressAuthor} How the cite is rendered in the surrounding text. Cite
content stencila:content array[InlineContent] Optional structured content/text of this citation. Cite
id schema:id string The identifier for this item. Entity
meta stencila:meta object Metadata associated with this item. Entity
pageEnd schema:pageEnd integer | string The page on which the work ends; for example "138" or "xvi". Cite
pageStart schema:pageStart integer | string The page on which the work starts; for example "135" or "xiii". Cite
pagination schema:pagination string Any description of pages that is not separated into pageStart and pageEnd; for example, "1-6, 9, 55". Cite
prefix stencila:citationPrefix string A prefix to show before the citation. Cite
suffix stencila:citationSuffix string A suffix to show after the citation. Cite

Parent: Entity

Descendants: None


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