A person (alive, dead, undead, or fictional).

Name @id Type Description Inherited from
type (required) schema:type enum{Person} The name of the type. Entity
address schema:address string | PostalAddress Postal address for the person. Person
affiliations schema:affiliation array[Organization] Organizations that the person is affiliated with. Person
alternateNames schema:alternateName array[string] Alternate names (aliases) for the item. Thing
description schema:description array[BlockContent] | array[InlineContent] | string A description of the item. Thing
emails schema:email array[string:email] Email addresses for the person. Person
familyNames schema:familyName parser:ssi & array[string] Family name. In the U.S., the last name of a person. Person
funders schema:funder array[Organization | Person] A person or organization that supports (sponsors) something through some kind of financial contribution. Person
givenNames schema:givenName parser:ssi & array[string] Given name. In the U.S., the first name of a person. Person
honorificPrefix schema:honorificPrefix string An honorific prefix preceding a person's name such as Dr/Mrs/Mr. Person
honorificSuffix schema:honorificSuffix string An honorific suffix after a person's name such as MD/PhD/MSCSW. Person
id schema:id string The identifier for this item. Entity
identifiers schema:identifier array[PropertyValue | string] Any kind of identifier for any kind of Thing. Thing
images schema:image array[ImageObject | string:uri] Images of the item. Thing
jobTitle schema:jobTitle string The job title of the person (for example, Financial Manager). Person
memberOf schema:memberOf array[Organization] An organization (or program membership) to which this person belongs. Person
meta stencila:meta object Metadata associated with this item. Entity
name schema:name string The name of the item. Thing
telephoneNumbers schema:telephone array[string] Telephone numbers for the person. Person
url schema:url string:uri The URL of the item. Thing

Parent: Thing

Descendants: None


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