Computer programming source code. Example: Full (compile ready) solutions, code snippet samples, scripts, templates.

Name @id Type Description Inherited from
type (required) schema:type enum{SoftwareSourceCode} The name of the type. Entity
about schema:about array[Thing] The subject matter of the content. CreativeWork
alternateNames schema:alternateName array[string] Alternate names (aliases) for the item. Thing
authors schema:author parser:csi & array[Person | Organization] The authors of this creative work. CreativeWork
codeRepository schema:codeRepository string:uri Link to the repository where the un-compiled, human readable code and related code is located. SoftwareSourceCode
codeSampleType schema:codeSampleType string What type of code sample: full (compile ready) solution, code snippet, inline code, scripts, template. SoftwareSourceCode
comments schema:comment array[Comment] Comments about this creative work. CreativeWork
content stencila:content array[Node] The structured content of this creative work c.f. property `text`. CreativeWork
dateAccepted stencila:dateAccepted Date Date/time of acceptance. CreativeWork
dateCreated schema:dateCreated Date Date/time of creation. CreativeWork
dateModified schema:dateModified Date Date/time of most recent modification. CreativeWork
datePublished schema:datePublished Date Date of first publication. CreativeWork
dateReceived schema:dateReceived Date Date/time that work was received. CreativeWork
description schema:description array[BlockContent] | array[InlineContent] | string A description of the item. Thing
editors schema:editor array[Person] People who edited the `CreativeWork`. CreativeWork
fundedBy stencila:fundedBy array[Grant | MonetaryGrant] Grants that funded the `CreativeWork`; reverse of `fundedItems`. CreativeWork
funders schema:funder array[Person | Organization] People or organizations that funded the `CreativeWork`. CreativeWork
genre schema:genre array[string] Genre of the creative work, broadcast channel or group. CreativeWork
id schema:id string The identifier for this item. Entity
identifiers schema:identifier array[PropertyValue | string] Any kind of identifier for any kind of Thing. Thing
images schema:image array[ImageObject | string:uri] Images of the item. Thing
isPartOf schema:isPartOf CreativeWorkTypes An item or other CreativeWork that this CreativeWork is a part of. CreativeWork
keywords schema:keywords parser:csi & array[string] Keywords or tags used to describe this content. Multiple entries in a keywords list are typically delimited by commas. CreativeWork
licenses schema:license array[CreativeWorkTypes | string:uri] License documents that applies to this content, typically indicated by URL. CreativeWork
maintainers schema:maintainer array[Person | Organization] The people or organizations who maintain this CreativeWork. CreativeWork
meta stencila:meta object Metadata associated with this item. Entity
name schema:name string The name of the item. Thing
parts schema:hasParts array[CreativeWorkTypes] Elements of the collection which can be a variety of different elements, such as Articles, Datatables, Tables and more. CreativeWork
programmingLanguage schema:programmingLanguage string The computer programming language. SoftwareSourceCode
publisher schema:publisher Person | Organization A publisher of the CreativeWork. CreativeWork
references schema:citation array[CreativeWorkTypes | string] References to other creative works, such as another publication, web page, scholarly article, etc. CreativeWork
runtimePlatform schema:runtimePlatform array[string] Runtime platform or script interpreter dependencies (Example - Java v1, Python2.3, .Net Framework 3.0). SoftwareSourceCode
softwareRequirements schema:softwareRequirements array[SoftwareSourceCode | SoftwareApplication | string] Dependency requirements for the software. SoftwareSourceCode
targetProducts schema:targetProduct array[SoftwareApplication] Target operating system or product to which the code applies. SoftwareSourceCode
text schema:text string The textual content of this creative work. CreativeWork
title schema:headline array[InlineContent] | string The title of the creative work. CreativeWork
url schema:url string:uri The URL of the item. Thing
version schema:version string | number The version of the creative work. CreativeWork

Parent: CreativeWork

Descendants: None


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